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Is High School Love Real?


Love: A word with many different meanings.

In middle school, we were told not to get into a relationship because at that age, no one can truly love one another. I’ve received similar answers to the question “How do you feel about high school love?”

Mikaiella Jordan, a senior, stated “High School love is not real love.”

 This debate is a rather controversial one. At such a young age, we oftentimes can’t comprehend true romantic love and mistake love for platonic feelings. 

This begs the question: Is High School love real?

Many believe true love is putting others before yourself and to care for your significant other. Lots of teens state that “love isn’t real,” which is often replied with “you just haven’t experienced true love.”

Love is patient and kind. It does not cause envy of one another, or make you gloat, be arrogant, or rude. Love rejoices in the truth.

If you’re in a relationship or have been in one in the past, ask yourself: “Do or did I love truly? Does or did my significant other truly love me?” Based on your answers to these questions, make a wise and reasonable decision on your future. 

People will treat you based on how you view yourself, so value yourself! Don’t allow people to pass you around, and don’t pass others around. Stay true to yourself- If someone truly loves you, they will respect your boundaries. 

If they don’t respect you, leave, don’t compromise yourself. Women should be treated like queens, and men should be treated like kings.

Before you get into another relationship, ask yourself: Will this end up as a long-term or just another fling? Always guard your heart because not everyone deserves it.

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    TiaOct 10, 2023 at 7:34 pm

    wow amazing take on this topic