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The Differences Between Freshman and Senior Year of High School


During the High School stage, we have the first year (9th grade), sophomore year (10th grade), junior year (11th grade), and senior year (12th grade). The age differences and experiences of these grade levels may affect how they see life and high school. 

Student life, in addition to studying and learning, is characterized by creating friendships and beautiful memories- but what are the difficulties that students of different ages go through?  

The first year of high school is very important because it sets the foundation for the rest of the high school career. It is the year when students choose their first classes for their graduation credits, discover what their passions are, and start thinking about the career they are going to choose in college. 

It is also a great year to enter their first clubs, and sports teams, meet other students, and make friends.  

On the other hand, the first year also has a difficult side, which is adapting to a new school, feeling out of place around other students who have already been at school for one or more years, and leaving friends at middle school to meet new people,   

 The pressure to have the perfect classes from the first year so that they can be successful all four years of high school is a lot. Overall, first-year students must put up with a lot of change that can be difficult during such a vulnerable stage of life. 

Thelmo Mendez 9th grade: “I feel that being a freshman is a stage that I should take advantage of because I have had the opportunity to meet new people choose my classes and join clubs since my first year. However, sometimes I feel the pressure when thinking about the years to come and that it will be more and more difficult.” 

Sofia Suarez 9th grade student: “This year I feel that I am seeing life as easy on the one hand because my classes are easy and I am enjoying with my friends, but I know that from next year everything will be more difficult since I must start taking more advanced classes, but I trust in myself and what I can do.” 

Seniors see life from two perspectives, on one hand, these students have the happiness of finishing high school, going out with friends, and enjoying their last year to the fullest.  

On the other hand, they also live this year with anxiety and nerves because it is time for college applications, choosing what their next destination will be, especially since some will leave their parents’ house, move cities or even states.  

This makes them a little sad when thinking about saying goodbye to the friends they have been with for 4 years and the school that over time becomes a second home because they spend a large part of their day there. 

Isabel Pereira 12th grade student: “Since senior year started, I have felt the adrenaline and the hustle that is within this exact year. I have been stressed, anxious, and nervous for so many aspects that come in my life, but I would say that the main thing I worry about the most is college and finding a way to fund tuition. But overall, I just enjoy all the senior activities and I remember to stay calm and believe in myself in everything I do.” 

Luke Robbins 12th grade student: “During my senior year what I want is to enjoy these last few months with my friends, although I also live every day with the worry of what my life will be like after graduation, college applications, etc.”

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