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The Student News Site of Coral Glades High School

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The Student News Site of Coral Glades High School

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My Break up With High School


Dear, Coral Glades High School

It has been a fun time with you, a lot of laughs, good times, fun moments, sad moments, optimism. A little bit of everything. You taught me so much during my time here. You taught me how to grow, and how to change, and seeing the same teachers every day gives you perspective. It gives you something more, it gives you more of a feel when you want something more than yourself and that’s what Glades has given me. As much as I truly despised waking up at 5 am every day, Later in the day it was worth it, seeing my favorite people in my classes, and seeing my teachers who I liked separately on different levels based on how I was feelingSeeing my friends, and just knowing you have the opportunity every day and I think some people take that for granted. High school gave me a perspective on how I should approach life, yea I am still lazy but, it showed me just how hard someone will work if they want it bad enough. How far someone will go to accomplish their goal. Glades you gave me a unique experience when it came to football. From the first workout I went to till the last day I turned in my football equipment. I still remember crying to my parents after the last game. Not because we lost, but because I knew what I and my team had, I knew we had something special, and even my short time with the new coaches and even my time with the coaches before that. I had something more than anyone in that moment could give and that is what football gave me. And I loved it so much, I still do. I’ve seen what school can do to a person first hand and I have something I would recommend, I would recommend that you don’t get lazy, don’t let not turning in your work and turning it in late is going to be okay because it is not, most teachers will grow tired of it. And eventually freshmen, you will have a problem on your hands when you don’t get your way. And for those freshmen and any class taking the newspaper, enjoy it. am going to say I did because I did and being challenged every day with a new topic and new article and being able to put my words out there for someone and everyone who gets the word will see and truly something special. I remember the first time I got my article posted and I felt proud of myself because it felt like I accomplished something I truly hope that for anyone that comes in newspaper club and yearbook after me. College, yeah it’s a big thing, for the next 4 years I have to keep learning and keep growing and keep innovating for myself to make something for myself, I know I am going to enjoy it. I hope this site did not jump around too much and just kept it straight forwardThe main message was just to have fun, stay focused, and live your life because you can’t get these moments back and I know I sure never could but I enjoyed it. What a time to forget but many moments to remember. I hope you all are having an incredible or somewhat decent year at Glades and even if you aren’t there was a quote I would always say to myself, I would say “life can’t always be all bad or all good, eventually things will have to come back to the middle”. If it helps you get through some things then I recommend you take everything easy and enjoy your time at Coral Glades High School.


Elijah Campbell, Senior, Class of 24 

Until we meet again Jags

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Elijah Campbell, Writer
Name: Elijah Campbell Grade: 12 School Club/ Sports Involvement: Football, Newspaper

Fun Fact: I want to be a forensic scientist

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