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My Breakup With High School


Dear high school,

It is hard to believe that it is already time for me to say goodbye. It has been a truly incredible journey. From my first steps as a nervous freshman to my final confident strides as a senior, Coral Glades has been a place where I have grown, learned, and lived so many incredible memories. It has been a time full of ups and downs, and it is high time that I address them as I move on to the next stage of my life.

Perhaps one of the best experiences that I have had the pleasure to be part of during my high school years was our school newspaper. The newspaper has taught me so much about teamwork, and responsibility and the power of your words. I will never forget the exhilaration of my first published article, with my name in print. Working in the newspaper room kept the place alive, but was it lively in a house? Yes, in fact, it was, since the camaraderie with whom I worked was nothing short of family.

However, high school was not always easy. The stress of exams, the pursuit of popularity, and the pressures of day-to-day life made it difficult. However, in every one of these difficult experiences, I learned to be strong. I attended schoolwork, scheduled meetings with friends, and spent time with friends and family. It has prepared me in ways I did not know during my extensive scholarly journey.

Incoming freshmen or juniors moving up to senior year, If I can give you a few tips to make the best of your time at Coral Glades, it would be first to get involved. Join clubs, sports teams, or an activity. It’s a great way to meet new people and find what you love to do. Second don’t be afraid to ask for help. You have lots of teachers, counselors, and friends that have your back. Lastly, manage your time. Keep a planner or use an app for assignments and deadlines. Make a list for what you need to prioritize and cross off items to stay organized.

What worries me most is the importance of balance. High school is not just about studying, it is also about discovering who you are and growing as a person. Prioritize building connections, trying new things, and taking care of your mind and body. These four years are a special opportunity to learn and grow in a supportive environment.


There were some tough times at Coral Glades. Group projects where no one did their part, the anxiety of public speaking and the disappointment of not being part of the team. However, these cases taught me the virtues of patience, effective communication, and resilience. They were as important as the victories and I became a more well-rounded and resilient person.


Here’s a photo of me at one of the school football games, one of my favorite things to do this year. It was a night full of laughter, creativity and school spirit. Result: I will always remember the moments I spent with my friends and the applause of the crowd.


It’s time to say goodbye and prepare for the future, but I will always remember the experiences and friends I made at Coral Glades.


Sincerely, Mariana O.

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Mariana Ortiz
Mariana Ortiz, Writer
  • Name: Mariana Ortiz
  • Grade: 12
  • School Club/Sports involvement: Newspaper 
  • Fun Fact: I'm Colombian

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